Working title - At the other end

The idea for "BERLIN. AT THE OTHER END." was born through the constantly rising number of homeless and poor people in Germany, who can be seen on the streets in our daily lifes. In their fight for survival in a society in which there is no more room for them. A society, which has run them over and spit them out, just to leave them with just enough to survive. A rich society which is not willing to enable a dignified survival of their poorest members. A life in which even going to the toilet poses a problem.

Shot in 7 days in January & February 2014, "BERLIN. AT THE OTHER END." tells a story about homeless women in Berlin. Women, who are affected speak out, Women, whose fate it is, to live on the streets of Berlin. The film renounces any comments or moderation, but leaves only the homeless women and people who have direct  daily contact, have their say. All were asked the same questions and were assembled into a kind of discussion. The questions are never mentioned in the film, because the responses of the participants are speaking for themselves. So Christin, Petra and another 8 homeless women have their say, their report on the things that they think are important. Things that determine their lifes and relationships with people who are not homeless .